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I M Simpl

Like the subject says. Very, very simple.

Exhibit A.

I am taking delight, nay, GLEE, in how fun it is to make a Clapotis (Rav link) out of two different colours of Noro. Holy moly, it looks so friggincool. This is Kureyon Sock. (Which, btw, I can’t really get behind as a sock yarn. Too thicky-thinny.)

Doesn’t look like much, but watching the colours change is hypnotic. Trance knitting at its finest. Also, check out the colours in ball #2 that are still to come.

I can’t wait to hit me some of that hot pink and turquoise. Good times.

Exhibit B.

A while ago, I knit a sock, then the dog ate my sock needles and I had to put it aside. It’s all done but the toe graft, and I was going to knit a second one as holiday/plane knitting. CAN I FIND THE YARN? No. No I can’t. So if you know me, and have any insight into where I might have put a half skein of Socks that Rock Lightweight in Purple Rain, let me know, ‘kay?

Exhibit C.

I am now going to rock out with my good pal Jack. That is all.


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Some Knitting, Finally

I actually knit quite a bit, and most people who are coming here are visiting from Ravelry, so here’s some yarny stuff for you.

Pattern: Heidi Kirrmaier’s Buttercup, a free Ravelry download. (Link goes to Ravelry as her website seems to be down.)
Elsebeth Lavold Cotton Patinée, 9 balls, bought online at Little Knits, Seattle.
Needles: US 4/3.5 mm Knitpicks Options

I love this pattern, but I should have knit a size smaller. It’s a bit sack-like. I’m going to throw it in the dryer to see if I can shrink it a bit, then I’ll take a fully modelled picture. Also, apparently this yarn fades like a mofo. So, we’ll see what a trip through the dryer does to it.

Pattern: Seraphim, by Miriam Felton
Yarn: Karabella Lace Merino Silk, bought at the AWESOME School Products in NYC while at a conference.
Needles: US 5/3.5 mm Knitpicks Options

I. Love. This. The pattern was fantastic–I knit the stockinette portion on a car trip from Vancouver to Portland and back. I like unfussy lace–geometric patterns, or just some edging, so this rocked my world.

Apparently, Miriam has updated her patterns with stitch counts and line-by-line written instructions (this one just had a chart, which was fine by me, but some people don’t like). I haven’t checked it out yet, but I’m totally loving the look of this Andromeda Shawl, so I may get a chance to check out her new pattern style.

Also, this yarn is just so delightful. The combo of the colour (is it taupe? grey? purple?) and the silky sheen say New York to me, so really, it’s a pretty great souvenir.

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Staff of Life

better bread than dead

better bread than dead

I made bread, y’all.

Bread is a major battleground in our house. I do not care for fluffy white bread, and, due to the blub I have recently packed on, am trying to avoid white flour, rice, pasta, etc.

Mr. Dame thinks that bread is not worth eating unless you can use the words “spongy” or “fluffy” to describe it.

Thus, the bread. I figured that homemade bread is so delicious, I can psyche him out with this (partially) whole wheat number. This is the recipe that I used.

And it was delish.

Now I am very excited about the no-knead bread,  and the whole wheat variations on it.  Anybody know where to get gluten enhancer in Vancouver?

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Lies My Father Told Me

When I was but a tiny Dame, among the MANY lies my dad told me for his own amusement were:

1) Haggis is a creature that lives in Scotland. It runs around making a sound like “AGGGEEEESSSSS!”, which is how it got its name.

2) When you flip over an egg carton, the bits that stick up between where the eggs go are “the horns of a dilemma.”

3) After the kids go to sleep, the dog can talk. She only talked to dad, though.

Numbers 1 and 2, I believed for a surprisingly long time. Like, until I was a teenager.

Among the things he told me that weren’t total crap:

1) Don’t waste time on things that don’t make you happy.

2) Into everyone’s life some assholes must fall. It’s not you, it’s them.

3) Saving money is never a bad idea.
3a) Therefore, why not take a sledgehammer to your own wall, or paint your own house?

Happy Father’s Day, Dad. Love you a lot.

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Flipping Google the Bird


Gary Taxali flips Google the Bird

As someone who works with artists a lot, I know what a drag it is not to have your time/work/skills valued. Here’s a great post on illustrator Gary Taxali’s response to the idea that art isn’t real “work”, and artists should be thrilled to give it away for the “exposure,” and the rebellion he inspired. (Click on the illustration to visit Taxali’s website, which is unbelievably cool.)

That said–as someone who works with artists a lot, respect is a two-way street. The reason you hire me to do the things I do for you is that, for whatever reason, you can’t.

Maybe you’re not capable, maybe you’re too busy. But seriously–just as you create art to feed yourself as well as provide spiritual sustenance and make the world a better place (blah, blah), arts administrators, publicists, tour managers, etc. do the same things for the same reasons. 

If you’re not going to donate your time and talent to enriching another company, I’m probably not going to donate mine to enrich you. If everyone valued everyone else’s contributions to it, the world would be a much more splendid place.

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Bad Housekeeping

Where I live, daily.

Where I live, daily.

Man, I love Roz Chast. Everything about her New Yorker cartoons pleases me, from her sort of neurotic but pointed tone to her keen observation of how crazy most people are.

The New York Times does a feature where they ask famous and semi-famous people what they do with their Sundays. (The Province does something similar, but–surprise!–lamer).  Roz Chast cooks for her birds. Awesome.

BTW, the title is from another great Chast cartoon.

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Well.  It has taken me forever to figure out what to do first, so here’s a fantastic video for y’all.

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