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A Very Weird Knitting Related Question…

Right, so.  For work, I am mostly a self-employed marketing and media relations consultant, specializing in non-profit performing arts. (Oooh, fancy. Bah.)

One of my clients is the fabulous, fabulous, Only Animal Theatre Company, who are doing a show in Whistler for five weeks in the winter, beginning January 22. 

Nix is theatre of snow and ice. The audience can cross-country ski to the venue, and sits on sheepskins in a geodisic dome that hold 150. They have a member of the Canadian National Ice Carving team on the crew. Props are hand blown glass, to look like ice. There will be an ice bar, where your vodka shot will be poured down an ice chute. Does this not sound amazing? They have done it once before, in Calgary, to rapturous reviews.

Now, here’s where it gets weird, and knit oriented. Artistic Director Kendra Fanconi is a whole picture gal, and she thought to herself: Wouldn’t it be neat to sell hand-knit hats in the bar before the show? However, she isn’t a knitter.  She envisioned some kind of split of the takings, like commission in a gallery or boutique. Knitters would be free to go to town and knit the weirdest or loveliest hats they can imagine.

So, knitters, what do you think?


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Yarnie Goodness Saves the Day

So my internet was sporadic and stupid today, and despite my best efforts I could not convince a technician that it was not my own damn fault.

I dunno–if the same error replicates itself on two different computers, it’s PROBABLY NOT THE COMPUTER. Ahem.

But, when I got home, the following delightful box awaited.

had a one-day, full-bag sale on Sonata cotton. HelloYarn Adrian says she can’t tell it apart from Tahki Cotton Classic (rav link), and dudes, that’s good enough for me. Plus, it was FIFTEEN BUCKS for a full bag. I went a bit mental. The purple might be going to live with my mum. But I sort of love it. Hmn. A moral dilemma.

Maybe I’ll make a Violet Beauregard skirt. Or a Cherry cardigan. Or maybe a Golden Vintage Cardigan (I have gold!) (Rav links all) Or an ass-load of potholders. Oh, the possibilities.

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Dumb, but Alive

Hi! I’m Sally! I like toys, running around, and eating every little piece of hideous crap I find on the road. All of it! It’s all delicious.

This was really tasty!

Unfortunately, it made me projectile vomit and crap for more than 24 hours.  I went to the vet! For a whole day! And he put a needle in me! To replenish my fluids! But I nibbled it out–three times! Then I shat all over him! Poor vet. Then I barfed up another thing that looked just like this! But the lady and the man didn’t bring it home. I’m feeling much better now! I think I’ll go snarf around in the yard for some cat poo!

Stay tuned for a Sally related fundraiser for the SPCA, from whence she came. There will be prizes! Knitting! Good times! OMG I’m talking like the dog. Time to stop.

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Not that anyone missed me, but we’re back from Mexico. Mr. Dame and I headed for Puerto Vallarta for the only week we have off together this summer, and it was very… relaxing.

We picked a bit of a weird week to go. Three days before we left, Vallarta was hit by a hurricane (actually a tropical storm, but hurricane sounds more dramatic.) So, our first night in town, the weather was like this:

It rained so hard the camera’s autofocus completely freaked out, and we couldn’t get a crisp photo. Trust me. It was raining.

During the rainy season, the iguanas climb trees. Somehow, I do not find this reassuring.

Again with the craptastic photo, but this iguana was probably 20lbs. (bigger than a cat), and was about 15 feet up a tree. We spotted him from the pedestrian bridge over the Rio Cuale. Aiee!

Eventually, the sun came out. Huzzah! So I could bake on the beach as is my custom. Mr. Dame upped his lime intake by, oh, 1000%, as is his custom.

When we visit tropical lands, alter-ego Senor Limon takes over. Sr. Limon mostly wears hat and eats limons, but occasionally drinks to excess and dances to salsa music. I like Sr. Limon a lot.

Sr. Limon didn’t get too crazy this trip, as the last two days of our visit was an election (state? municipal? not sure.) Regardless, bars, restaurants and stores were not allowed to serve booze from midnight on Friday to midnight on Sunday. This was ok for us, but holy–I would not want to be the desk clerk at the all-inclusive who had to explain that people could not have a drink. Instead, we drank this:

Pineapple/celery/cactus yogurt. To drink. Surprisingly, not bad! Also, the supermercado was awesome. For $3, we bought bread and cheese and fruit for lunch every day. The  bread was delicious and manchego cheese was 2 bucks. Heaven.

We stayed at the Los Arcos Suites, which is in the old town of Puerto Vallarta. The management owns the snazzier beachfront hotel, plus the hotel across the street, for a mini empire. It was inexpensive, clean and the staff  were really nice.

But here’s a weird thing. I might be right off base, but the hotel’s slogan is “a family hotel”. Not so wacky–come, bring your kids, bring grandma, we dig it. However; pretty much all the nightlife on this side of the river is gay (or for elderly tourists from the midwest. We went for the gay when selecting bars.) I can’t help but wonder if the taglines is code for “if you are gay, please don’t stay here.” There was a big ass carving of the virgin in our lobby, as well. So, how do you ask? Not sure. No one ever said anything, or seemed uncomfortably moralistic, but if it’s unwritten and everyone knows, then is that any better? Dunno. I may be reading waaaay too much into a slogan.

Anyway. It was lovely and I’m glad to have gone, but I think we’re done with PV for a bit.

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