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Not that anyone missed me, but we’re back from Mexico. Mr. Dame and I headed for Puerto Vallarta for the only week we have off together this summer, and it was very… relaxing.

We picked a bit of a weird week to go. Three days before we left, Vallarta was hit by a hurricane (actually a tropical storm, but hurricane sounds more dramatic.) So, our first night in town, the weather was like this:

It rained so hard the camera’s autofocus completely freaked out, and we couldn’t get a crisp photo. Trust me. It was raining.

During the rainy season, the iguanas climb trees. Somehow, I do not find this reassuring.

Again with the craptastic photo, but this iguana was probably 20lbs. (bigger than a cat), and was about 15 feet up a tree. We spotted him from the pedestrian bridge over the Rio Cuale. Aiee!

Eventually, the sun came out. Huzzah! So I could bake on the beach as is my custom. Mr. Dame upped his lime intake by, oh, 1000%, as is his custom.

When we visit tropical lands, alter-ego Senor Limon takes over. Sr. Limon mostly wears hat and eats limons, but occasionally drinks to excess and dances to salsa music. I like Sr. Limon a lot.

Sr. Limon didn’t get too crazy this trip, as the last two days of our visit was an election (state? municipal? not sure.) Regardless, bars, restaurants and stores were not allowed to serve booze from midnight on Friday to midnight on Sunday. This was ok for us, but holy–I would not want to be the desk clerk at the all-inclusive who had to explain that people could not have a drink. Instead, we drank this:

Pineapple/celery/cactus yogurt. To drink. Surprisingly, not bad! Also, the supermercado was awesome. For $3, we bought bread and cheese and fruit for lunch every day. The  bread was delicious and manchego cheese was 2 bucks. Heaven.

We stayed at the Los Arcos Suites, which is in the old town of Puerto Vallarta. The management owns the snazzier beachfront hotel, plus the hotel across the street, for a mini empire. It was inexpensive, clean and the staff  were really nice.

But here’s a weird thing. I might be right off base, but the hotel’s slogan is “a family hotel”. Not so wacky–come, bring your kids, bring grandma, we dig it. However; pretty much all the nightlife on this side of the river is gay (or for elderly tourists from the midwest. We went for the gay when selecting bars.) I can’t help but wonder if the taglines is code for “if you are gay, please don’t stay here.” There was a big ass carving of the virgin in our lobby, as well. So, how do you ask? Not sure. No one ever said anything, or seemed uncomfortably moralistic, but if it’s unwritten and everyone knows, then is that any better? Dunno. I may be reading waaaay too much into a slogan.

Anyway. It was lovely and I’m glad to have gone, but I think we’re done with PV for a bit.


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