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What the Hell IS That?

If you know me, you have heard tell of Sally, the devil skunk dog from hell (or the SPCA). Well, Sal and I are going to do the Paws for a Cause Walk in September, and we have a little fundraising plan.

Sally is an extremely strange looking dog. Long and low, with bow legs at the front, a bushy tail that curls up over her back, a pointy face, and marly grey fur on her flippers and undercarriage. Because of her grey face, she looks a million years old, but is actually about a year. She is a mutt’s mutt’s mutt.

SO, if your dog is of mysterious provenance, what to do? You DNA her. That’s where you come in.

For every $25 you donate to the SPCA, you will get one guess as to Sally’s mix. The closest guess will win a hand-knit item to be knit by me, for you.  (Within reason. I’m thinking hats and scarves, not sweaters. But let’s talk!)

What do you do?

1) look at these pictures

2) go here to donate online, or give me a shout if you’d rather do it on the phone

3) come back here and leave your guess in the comments. Try to guess a breed and a percentage of that breed. In the event of a tie, percentages are going to count.


Some thoughts:

  • Her parents and her grandparents were probably mutts, so you can name up to 8 breeds you think went into creating her.
  • She weighs about 30lbs and stands about calf-high on me.
  • She is extremely high energy.
  • She likes to chew and is pretty mouthy.
  • She doesn’t really bark, but she roars at you if you have something she’d like.
  • She is quite fast for such a short-arse.
  • She’s not particularly cuddly. She will climb on the couch with you, but only if she is feeling particularly loving will she put her head in your lap. That said, she is very friendly and likes every person, dog and cat she’s ever met.
  • She has GREAT dog manners. She’s not pushy or dominant at all, but she’s not submissive either.

The walk is September 13, and I hope to have the DNA done sometime around then too. Good luck. I have my theories, but I’m staying out of it.


August 17, 2009 at 1:50 pm 11 comments

Further Adventures in Furmination

As promised, we visted the crankiest dog in the world, and furminated him. On Sunday we paid a visit to the fabulous Temperamental Farms, home of my sister (and a bunch of horses, cats, and Tyler the dog.)

My sister’s dog is 16 years old, and loves only my sister. ONLY my sister. He has no time for the foolish puppy shenanigans that Sally brings with her. And heaven forbid you bring an adult male dog onto his property. He’s a cattle dog/Aussie shepherd cross, and even at 16 years old, still trys to herd my sister’s horses. He’s been hit  by several cars, kicked by several horses, electrocuted on an electric fence, left outside in a monsoon by accident, and been in countless dog fights. He failed every obedience class he ever took, mostly just because he’s an asshole. He obeys my sister just fine, but he can’t be in a room with 10 other dogs without picking a fight.

You would never know that he’s such a jerk from this picture.

Five minutes after we took this picture, he tried to kill Sally. But you sort of have to admire his ornery-ness. At 16, he’s probably not going to be around forever, and I’ll miss him when he’s gone.

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Still Life with Furminator

You know those products that change your life? That radically alter the way you go about your daily business? I don’t have too many of those. The rice cooker. The toothbrush. The recipe for homemade deodorant (more on that later). But man alive, I think I may need to add the furminator to the list.

Check this out:

That is the giant hairball that came off Sally. Bear in mind this is not a big dog, and she’s been shedding like a mofo since June. I just got SO SICK of the fur tumbleweeds whooshing around my house, and I took matters into my own hands. Meaning, I went down to the pet supply store (the awesome Tisol) and begged for help.

You may question whether or not you need a $50 dog brush. If you have a double coated dog, you do, my friend, you do.

Stay tuned for further adventures in furmination, where we visit the crankiest dog in the world, and furminate him.

August 10, 2009 at 12:46 pm 1 comment

A Book Site-Related Question

Do y’all like Library Thing or Good Reads better? I tried Library Thing, and I found it oppressive to enter books, as it seems to be more about cataloging your library. It cares about things like edition, and release dates. I do not. I’m just trying to keep track of what I’ve read and what I’d like to read. Is Good Reads easier to enter information into?

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