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Reasons to be British

1. ) Aardman Animations is holding a contest to win tickets to see “A Grand Day Out” at the London Film Festival and attend a special Q&A session with creator Nick Park to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Wallace and Gromit.

2. ) Best junk food ever. Evidence here at Belgian Waffle.

3.) When you adapt a beloved novel for the stage, it is not Margaret freakin’ Atwood. No no. It is Terry Pratchett. AWESOME.

4.) Stonehenge!

5.) World’s greatest museum of art and design. When last we visited, we blagged our way into a champagne reception for the opening of a Chihuly exhibit.

6.) Yorkshire is home to both my father and Rowan yarn. Two of my favourite things!

Here’s a clip that combines design with Wallace and Gromit. (Dad is a bit like Wallace, so maybe throw him in there too.) Cracking contraptions indeed.


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Best. Saturday. Evah.

Seriously. It was the best Saturday ever.

Why, you may ask?

1) It started with home-made sausage and home-made biscuits. mmmmmmn. If you want to try it yourself, just to see how happy it can make you, click the links for recipes.

2) Then we went for a walk at Fraser River Park. So beautiful. All off-leash, full of happy dogs. Yay!

3) It continued with knitting. Everyone loves knitting, right? Knitting, with friends, and great caesars? Perfecto!

Knitting is surprisingly hilarious. Tracy and Reena agree.

As do Aimee and Abby. Abby was making friendship bracelets (and drinking Shirley Temples–don’t worry, we’re not that badass.)

5) It continued with RED BASTARD. OMG. I’m in love. With a man in a red balloon suit. Who wants you to “sing into his mouth”, and reach into his bum to get a “present.” Previously, the only colour for bastards for me was green.
Now my heart belongs to red. See for yourself.

Oddly hot, no? Thank you, Vancouver Fringe Festival, for enhancing my life.

6) Ran into pals Al and Sue, and went for drinks at the Arts Club. Superfun!

7) Starving! Off we went to Fringe Club to get a takeout sandwich, and sweet fancy molasses, the weirdest cover band in the world was playing. Kenny Rogers look-alike doing a combo of Kenny-related stand up comedy, plus Kenny Rogers tunes. Mr. Dame won prizes for knowing “I Just Dropped In (to See What Condition My Condition was In)”.

Kenny Rogers hand puppet (made of a paper bag and a photocopy).

One hundred Kennybucks. YOW!

Best of all? A friend and ex-student was playing the mandolin. I know she’s a great musician who does a fabulous duo with her partner, but I’ve never seen her play. So, the first time I clap eyes on Kat playing music is in a whacked out Kenny Rogers cover band. The perfect end to a perfect day.

I leave you with a scene from one of the world’s finest movies.
The dude abides.

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Paws for a Cause Update

Thanks to everyone who sponsored THE WORST DOG IN THE WORLD for Paws for a Cause. Thanks to y’all, we raised $500 for all the sweet little homeless animals (plus the reptiles-uugh).

Why is Sally the worst dog in the world you ask? Well. The fantastic Dog and Hydrant dog photographer (seriously, go check out her site if you love dogs) was there, doing quick photo shoots for a ridiculously small donation. Awesome, you say. However,  someone was utterly unable to be leashless for the 2 minutes it took to take her photo.

Zoom! went Sally, and did a few laps of the site with a big grin on her face. Totally uncatchable. Like a greased pig. Little bugger.

Ahem. Moving on. The DNA kit is ordered, and I’ll keep you all up to date on the results. Most hilarious guess so far? Thank you Duncan for  “Irish Wolfhound/Dachshund”.

Also, so very sad about Patrick Swayze. Not a huge fan of his work (I was much, much too cool for Dirty Dancing), but I always loved his public persona. Unlike many celebrities, he always seemed to be honest, charming and delighted with his good fortune. Here’s a great quote:

“I found that dance was key to keeping depression out of my life. When you dance, things just go away, things don’t seem so bad. There’s no better way to take care of health than through something as joyous and beautiful as dance.”

Not a bad philosophy at all.

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Bumbershoot! (Part deux)

I’m going to try to write one word descriptions of everything we saw, because on Sunday and Monday, we saw a lot.

Here goes:

Hey Marseilles-sweet
Sera Cahoone-rootsyblah
Vivian Girls-soveryfuckin’hip (that is SO one word)
Michael Shrieve’s Spellbinder-retroseventies
Eugene Mirman & Mystery Guest (who was SARAH SILVERMAN!)-wickedgood
Dave Alvin & the Guilty Women-oldschool
Holy Fuck-baffling
Roy Ayers-alsooldschool
DJ Spooky-fabulous

The Minus 5-timewarp
Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears-funkeh
Story Pirates present FOUND-hilarious
The Cave Singers-AWESOME
Vieux Farka Touré-flashback

Let me know if you need me to elaborate, ‘kay?

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Bumbershoot! (The Saturday Report)

Okay. I lied. The actual high point of summer comes Labour Day weekend, with Bumbershoot.

Mr. Dame and I headed on down to Seattle for my favourite festival. Why is it my favourite? Because it takes place in the middle of a big ol’ city–no camping required, cocktails always available.

Saturday, for me, was a little meh music-wise. Highlight:  Os Mutantes, legendary ’60s tropicalia rock from Brazil, did not disappoint.  With only two of the original lineup, they were suitably wiggy, trippy, and funky for the weekend’s beginning.

But, Saturday belonged to the art. It was a really good year for the visual art exhibits. Kerfuffle! was a group show curated on the theme of the Environment. Standouts were photographers Chris Jordan, who takes pictures of specific quantities of disposable crap like cel phones, plastic bags and pop bottles; and Christina Seely, who photographs cityscapes from a long, long way away with really long exposures as a comment on light pollution.

Photo Chris Jordan

As well, given all the absolute crap that is going on re: arts funding cuts here in BC, Dada Economics’ Arbitrary Art Grants was AWESOME. Throughout the summer, regular folks were invited to make art with instructions like: “Dance like you’re being shot at” and “make a sculpture in a grocery cart, using groceries”.  At Bumbershoot, people were invited to turn thrift store trash into high fashion for the “design” grant, and take a photo at Bumbershoot (of anything), entitled “Why I Came to Bumbershoot”. Winners chosen completely at random get $500. It’s as good a system as any.

Tomorrow: The rest of the weekend.

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The High Point of Summer

… why, it’s the Fair at the PNE.

How I love the PNE. DameSister is the Equestrian coordinator for the Agrodome during the fair, so yesterday Mr. Dame and I went and checked out all the good bits.

Like this:

Who among us does NOT love baby animals? Or, come to think of it, dead animal skins hanging on a wall:

Thanks, Fort Langley Historical Site!
There was pretty, pretty fibre:

And yummy, yummy mushrooms:

As well as, in no particular order, bees, goats, cows, guys riding Clydesdale horses like they were in a rodeo (go, Susannah!), a Godzilla made of tuna,

and the inevitable flying evil monkeys made of sand.

Really, they’re unavoidable.

But best of all, as always, the SUPERDOGS! They were all fancy this year–lots of purebreds, and not much of an adoption message, which I used to love. Which leads me back to reminding you that there are a mere 10 days to guess what Sally is, support the SPCA, and win some lovely knitting.

I leave you with the Superdogs, classic edition, with the old host. Woof, woof!

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