Bumbershoot! (The Saturday Report)

September 8, 2009 at 8:05 pm Leave a comment

Okay. I lied. The actual high point of summer comes Labour Day weekend, with Bumbershoot.

Mr. Dame and I headed on down to Seattle for my favourite festival. Why is it my favourite? Because it takes place in the middle of a big ol’ city–no camping required, cocktails always available.

Saturday, for me, was a little meh music-wise. Highlight:  Os Mutantes, legendary ’60s tropicalia rock from Brazil, did not disappoint.  With only two of the original lineup, they were suitably wiggy, trippy, and funky for the weekend’s beginning.

But, Saturday belonged to the art. It was a really good year for the visual art exhibits. Kerfuffle! was a group show curated on the theme of the Environment. Standouts were photographers Chris Jordan, who takes pictures of specific quantities of disposable crap like cel phones, plastic bags and pop bottles; and Christina Seely, who photographs cityscapes from a long, long way away with really long exposures as a comment on light pollution.

Photo Chris Jordan

As well, given all the absolute crap that is going on re: arts funding cuts here in BC, Dada Economics’ Arbitrary Art Grants was AWESOME. Throughout the summer, regular folks were invited to make art with instructions like: “Dance like you’re being shot at” and “make a sculpture in a grocery cart, using groceries”.  At Bumbershoot, people were invited to turn thrift store trash into high fashion for the “design” grant, and take a photo at Bumbershoot (of anything), entitled “Why I Came to Bumbershoot”. Winners chosen completely at random get $500. It’s as good a system as any.

Tomorrow: The rest of the weekend.


Entry filed under: Arts from not-Vancouver.

The High Point of Summer Bumbershoot! (Part deux)

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