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Cue the Choir Celestial

Scientific proof that my “plan” is sane and reasonable:

“Fat at 40 is Better than Thin, Scientists Warn”

Pass the butter. Mmmmn. Butter.

Thanks for the link, fourstar.


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And Now for teh Serious

99% of the stuff I do to keep a roof over my head involves the arts, working with artists, convincing the public to go see something “weird”, etc.

The government of BC has planned cuts to the provincial agencies that fund the arts of between 90-95%, depending on whose figures you believe, between now and 2011. With a strategic announcement that select funding had been restored, most of the public now thinks everything is ok. But it’s not. It’s SO not.

An actor friend made the excellent point that it’s the wacky, experimental, small arts companies where innovation that eventually makes its way to Hollywood, mainstream design, and video games happens. Those industries are also hanging on by their fingernails, and are not particularly excited about having to do their own r & d from now on.

Another friend, the truly excellent Norman Armour, wrote a Thanksgiving letter to the minister responsible for all of this, which I suggest you read. Norman is ED of the PuSh Festival, founder of Rumble Productions, a splendid actor, and a bit of a deep thinker. So this is long. But worth it, I promise. Click for the full text: Minster_Krueger_message

Please write your MLA, Minister Krueger, and Premier Gordo to let them know that you do not support this action.

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I am in love.

I am in love with a pattern.

Botanic is the greatest hat pattern ever. Reversible. Quick (made in a day–a day!) Easy, yet semi-interesting.  Depending on your colour choices, this could be wild, or it could be quite sedate. Guess what all the dudes in my family are getting for Christmas? In the meantime, here’s Botanic the First:

Jims new hat

Jim's new hat

Pattern: Stephen West’s Botanic (rav link) or visit the  designer’s blog.
Some leftovers of Cascade 220, bought half price from Three Bags Full. I have enough of the main colour to make a couple more hats, the hand-paint I hit into to weave Mum’s Christmas scarf, so maybe not.
Needles: US 6/4 mm and US 7/4.5 mm cheap ass metal circs. Because that’s the way I roll.

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FTW… er, FTCure

This weekend was the Run for the Cure, not to be confused with the Weekend to End Breast Cancer. Both benefit breast cancer, but it is possible to eat pancakes after the lightweight 5k that is the Run for the Cure. Mmmm. Pancakes.

Moving on. Team Knit Action Squad got separated into:

Runners (Sara, Jim, and Kristina.) All hail the mighty runners. Better them than me.

Team no-baby (me, Tracy, Leighann, Aimee, Abby (not a baby), and Cori)

Team baby (Jocelyn, her mum, her baby, Roberto, Kiran, her friend with a baby whose name I have tragically forgotten.)

Here’s team no-baby, modeling our lovely shirts. Because, as Abby wisely said, the best parts were the pancakes and the free shirts.

After, whilst eating pancakes, team baby joined us. Look! A baby!

Look at that baby’s HAIR! Rockstar, for sure.

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