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What This Month Has Taught Me

1) Some days you’ve got it, some days you don’t.

2) I really need to take a photography course.

3) Or buy a better camera.

4) Or move somewhere that isn’t DARK 16 out of 24 hours at this time of year.

5) When there are no knitting pictures, write about the dog.

or, 5a) Write about knitting anyway.

Happy NaBloPoMo, y’all.


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Uh, yeah. Finished the NaKniSweMo sweater, but bound off the neck too tightly. It would barely go over MY head, let alone Mr. Dame’s gigantic melon.

So, I had to nut up and clip a little stitch, pull out the cast on, and bind off again, this time with EZ’s sewn bind off. Why do I ever question the wisdom of EZ? Why?

It’s a seamless hybrid from Knitting Without Tears, 50 inch chest (cripes), from Cascade Eco Wool. Ends are woven in, just needs a block, which the intertubes assure me will take care of the slightly pouchy back.

So, done! Take that, National Knit a Sweater in November Month. Hah! Kicked yer ass.

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Princess Puppet Theatre

Holy mackerel what a cute project. The little nieces are getting it for Christmas, but I suspect the littlest niece is still too little to like it. So, Frannie can totally bogart the puppet theatre. It’s from Bend the Rules Sewing by Amy Karol, and it wasn’t hard to make. (Obviously. I made it.)

It’s quite a genius pattern–the top is held up with an adjustable curtain rod, and the window is held open with two bits of dowel.

The flowery curtains tie back for exciting show action. The only hard bit (for me) was putting the bias tape around the  window part, but it went much better after I watched this tutorial on Amy’s blog.

There is a case it rolls up and fits inside, but I still need to sew the button on. All in all, I’m VERY pleased. Huzzah for the handmade holiday!

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Things I Like

Way back at the dawn of November, I threatened to pull this post out when I had nothing. And I got nothin’. So, here are things I like.

The Smart Car

Hopcott Meats




Online banking *


The sound of dog toenails



Water in general

*holy, how did we ever live without it?

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(Pit) Stickin’ It to the Man

I fully appreciate that this post may cause a good number of you to recoil in horror, but I can keep quiet no longer. I make my own deodorant.

For reasons I won’t go into today, I have been trying to eliminate creepy plastics, hormones, and chemicals from my life. And although the jury is out on aluminum and such in commercial antiperspirants, I figured why take a chance?

Plus, when I make my own,  can pick my own scent, which is fabulous; save big dollars; and enjoy the smug feeling of stickin’ to the man every time I pass the deodorant aisle. TAKE THAT, SUCKA!

If you’re interested, here’s how I do it:

1) Gather up your supplies. You’ll need baking soda, corn starch, coconut oil, essential oils (for smelly), and vitamin E (optional, for soft). Also nice: An old deodorant container, but you can also use a jar and apply the finished product with your fingers.

Coconut oil is available just about everywhere, but I got this jar at Famous Foods for about $4.

2) Put 3 tbsp of baking soda, 3 tbsp of cornstarch, the juice of a couple of vitamin E capsules (optional), a few drops of essential oils (lavender and tea tree are anti bacterial; this batch I used 15 drops of rose and 5 of rosewood); and 2 tbsp of coconut oil* in a bowl and moosh it with your hand until it forms a silky mass.

3) Cram it into your old deodorant container, or a jar, and let it set overnight.

You can apply this like regular deodorant. It won’t stop you from sweating, but I found that neither did anti-perspirant. I promise it WILL keep you from stinking, though. (Please, if you know me, and you think I’m delusional on this matter, I beg you to tell me.)

I keep this in my averagely cold bathroom, and it holds together perfectly. I started doing this in August, and so far I’ve made three batches, which I estimate have cost me about $1 each. It’s also pretty forgiving as a recipe. I’ve been adding additional coconut oil vs. my first batch, which still worked but got a little crumbly.

* A note on the coconut oil. I started in on this in August, when it was bitchin’ hot. When I brought the oil home, it was totally liquified, so that’s how I use it. Once I opened it, I put the jar in the fridge, so when I need to make a new batch I measure out my 2 tbsp of solid coconut oil, then melt it in the microwave, then pour it in.

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Sick vs. Well

Mr. Dame appears to have a bit of a lurgy.


More moaning than usual.

TV changed from its steady diet of the Space channel to biographies of Woody Guthrie and Christopher Plummer.

Inability to eat a bowl of delicious chipotle sweet potato soup. (This one, since you asked. But with no nuts.)

Not fatal, I’m thinkin’.


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Monkeys Are Splendid

All I have for you today is a ridiculously cute monkey. Carry on.

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