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November 15, 2009 at 2:47 pm Leave a comment

Back from Seattle with DameSister. This is the first time we’ve gone anywhere together, and I have to tell you, I was dreading it. DREADING.

My sister is awesome, but extremely, pathologically, psychotically picky.  Everything from shoes to salad is examined, judged, and mostly rejected. Maybe it’s my lowered expectations, but I’m not so choosy. If the price is right or circumstances dictate, I can live with  just about anything.

But, she suprised me, the sister did. She didn’t drive me batty with the picking and the choosing. She tried on eleventy billion pairs of knee-high black boots, but that just gave me an opportunity to make fun of her chicken legs, which you can see in the mirror here:

The Alibi Room–especially fun when there is a huge drunken birthday party in the basement. Plus, surprisingly good spinach salad.

List–Oh. my. god. Why does Vancouver not have happy hour? Why? Unbelievably delicious food at HALF PRICE, $3 beer (or $14 bottles of wine, but miss picky doesn’t like wine), cool location, heated toilet seat. Do not miss the gnocchi in truffle cream if you go. That is an order. The two of us had that, spicy meatballs, a salad, and flatbread with feta and cranberries, plus two beers each, for $32!

The Underground Tour–I must have been to Seattle 25 times, and I’ve never done this. We went at night, and it was super interesting. Plus, the story of Mary Ann Conklin, who was known as Madame Damnable and kept rocks in her apron to throw at people, gave me another way to make fun of my sister. Bonus!

Seattle Art Museum–again, never been. How dumb am I? The Alexander Calder exhibition was fantastic. Very cool sculptures, plus Calder seemed like he would have been fun. Did not know they had Thursday and Friday night shindigs, which I vow to check out next time.

Amtrak–Cheap! Comfy! Slower than driving, but way less hassle, and no ridiculous parking fees. Also, I was afeared to take the Smart car on the I-5.

Despite my sister’s happy visage, the Space Needle is a bit of a rip. Again, have never been up, and was underwhelmed.

All in all, an excellent diversion from real life.


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