Things That Will Be the Death of That Dog

November 20, 2009 at 1:31 pm Leave a comment

Evidence has shown that Sally is barely a dog, let alone a civilized, biddable creature who can be taught to do/not do certain things.

One of the toughest things in trying to figure her out is that we don’t really know where she came from, but we have a few guesses. We are pretty sure she’s from the Lake Babine Nation, via Turtle Gardens Animal Rescue Society*, via the Dawson Creek SPCA, via the Richmond SPCA.

What all this means is she was probably born in a shed or under a bush, and wasn’t fed by human hand until she was 4ish months old. The consequence of that is she will eat anything she finds on the road, edible or not. She is constantly–CONSTANTLY–on hyper-vigilant lookout for tasty road snacks and beverages.

It’s funny to watch her walk along licking the moisture off the grass. It’s less funny to rip a dead, maggoty seagull out of her mouth.

A list of things the dog will eat, that will probably cause death’s cold gaze to turn her way:


cigarette butts


road bones**


food wrappers

assorted and sundry dead things

rubber bands



old rotten bits of sandwich

*I think that early on in dog quest, I saw her on their site as a puppy. Then she turned up at the SPCA a couple of months later. This is just a guess, but the colouring and what we THOUGHT she was (Corgi/Cattle Dog) was right. Plus, we know she’s from the north, and the crazy mix says rez dog to me.

** HOLY SHIT. Until you get a dog, you have not the foggiest notion of just how many disgusting bones there are by the side of the road. Seriously.


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