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The Year in Review

Whew. 2009 is over. Thank fuck.

It was a very weird year. In 2009 I:

1) got a new dog

2) got a driver’s license

3) took a real job, and backed out of it within 6 months (yay, me)

4) backed off the freelance commitments

5) started eating better (organics, more cooking at home etc.)

6) started going to acupuncture

7) knit 23 things, including 4 sweaters

8) suffered from debilitating paranoia that every friggin’ decision I made was the wrong one.

Happy New Year, y’all. Tomorrow, the resolution post!


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Magnificent Obsession

I needed to make Jim a hat for his birthday, which led to this:

And, lo, it was good.

So good, it led to this:

Which, in turn, led to this:

Pattern: Botanic, by Stephen West*
Yarn: Cascade 200 for the blue and grey, Elann Peruvian Highland Wool for the black, Noro Kureyon, Cascade handpaints. Less than a skein of Kureyon did the black and grey hats contrast colour.
Needles: US 6 & 7 (4 & 4.5mm) circs, the cheap-ass grey kind, because that’s the way I roll.

*Next up on the Stephen West hit parade… Herbivore. No, Daybreak. No, Herbivore.  Dang. I love them both.

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A Present for You

Whoever you are.

This year, I made a lot of knits for Christmas gifts (photos to come–man, it’s hard to take indoor photos with my stupid camera). I’m never sure how to wrap hand knits. As well, certain members of my family will assume I bought their gift, and get all gnarly about only getting a hat for a gift.

So, this year, I’m going to wrap the knits in tissue, and slap one of these babies on there, then put it in a gift bag:

I did three colour variations on this (all these colours, but arrayed slightly differently), and it prints on a shipping label (Avery 8164).

Here is a pdf for you, if you’d like to do the same. Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas!

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Stickin’ It to the (Cleaning) Man

It may possibly be a short hop from environmental thriftiness to a mental condition, but in addition to making my own deodorant, I also make my own countertop cleaner.

This was very contentious–I started out believing all the many sources that say you can just use vinegar and water (which maybe you can if you are a) less of a slob, and b) not conjoined with Mr. Dame), but it didn’t clean baked-on gunk well enough for Mr. Dame’s liking. He’d bust out the CLR at the drop of a hat, which ran counter to the initial intent.

So, I hunted high and low for a good recipe for counter cleaner. There are millions of them, but this is one I like, and it works. Quantities are to fit the spray bottle I have; your mileage may vary.

1) Gather your stuff. You’ll need Borax (in the laundry aisle), castille soap (I use Dr. Bronner’s Lavender, because it smells clean), essential oils (lavender is nice; also this time I added orange oil, which goes nicely with lavender; tea tree is anti-bacterial; superhippies like oil of oregano, but it seems too expensive to clean a countertop with to me.)

2) measure 3 cups of warm water, add 1.5 tbsp of borax, 1.5 tsp of castille soap, and 1-1.5 tsp of essential oils.

3) Whoosh it around until the borax dissolves. I use a whisk. It will look cloudyish.

4) Pour it into a spray bottle. Clean your counters, stove top, fridge, etc. with it.

And I am so freakin’ excited about this tutorial for making your own laundry detergent. SO excited. Weirdly enough, Mr. Dame has jumped on the home made cleanser bandwagon, and asked me all this weekend if we were going to make laundry detergent. Can’t wait!)

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