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January 1, 2010 at 12:44 pm Leave a comment

My friend John doesn’t make resolutions. He chooses a word or two, and tries to incorporate it into his life in every way he can. One year it was “grace”, another it was “balance”. This seems to work for him. For me, not so much.

I need the humiliation of putting a concrete set of goals on the internet, so anyone who cares to can ask, “so, how’s it going with that..?”

I actually have a pretty good track record with resolutions, as long as they’re really specific. I have quit smoking, learned to drive, and quit a crappy job as a result of a New Year’s resolution.

So, here’s a few for this year.

1) Eat better. Just cut out the mass-produced crap. If I’m going to eat cake, let it be cake I made with my own hands (and my new KitchenAid mixer, thanks mum!), not some transfat-HFCS-laden horror from the grocery store.

2) Exercise more. Man, 2009 was not a classic year for exercise. Between quitting smoking, feeling really shitty for six months, surgery, a truly insane schedule from Jan-April, buying a car (I know, boo hiss–it’s a Smart car, so lay off), I am now officially the fattest I have ever been. But! Mr. Dame got me a community centre membership for three months unlimited gym, and the new community centre is, literally, across the street from my office. And Reena and I are going to Tai Chi on Sunday AM. Huzzah!

3) Learn to sew better. Take a class? Dink around in the basement? Dunno. But the goal for 2010 is to make at least one wearable garment that doesn’t look like it came from a ninth grade home-ec class.

4) Hold the line on work. Stop caring how much money other people are making, or how much I used to make. I made that money by never having a stress-free day off, or a holiday where I didn’t have to check the email, for seven year. SEVEN YEARS. It took its toll on my health, mental and physical. No more. I’d rather be happy.

5) Stop dressing like a homeless person. See #2. I sit alone in a room at least three days a week. And have you seen how college teachers dress? For the last year or so,  jeans and hoodies have been my constant friends. I’m hoping to make and wear more skirts and dresses. As well, I’m listening to everyone’s favourite grumpy fashion dude, Tim Gunn, and amassing the 10 essential wardrobe pieces. Tip for the big-boobed–Brooks Brothers seem to have figured out where to put the buttons on shirts so they don’t gap. Plus, they have sizes that seem reasonable to me.

What are your plans/hopes/resolutions?


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