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A Potentially Heretical Rant

What the hell happened to Elvis Costello?

I came to the conclusion today that his show would be really great if he wasn’t on it. His guests were Richard Thompson, Nick Lowe, Allen Toussaint, and Levon Helm, and a more ace bunch of guys you could not imagine.

And alongside them, Elvis pissing about with his unbelievably affected speaking style, weird questions, and hyperactive fourth-grader vibe.

Seriously, the man went from being one of the coolest people on the planet to being basically Sting for hipsters.

Evidence. From this:

To this:

And don’t get me started about Elton John.


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The Bread Cult

Late to the party as ever, I have joined a cult. As cults go, it’s pretty benign–we make bread, we don’t murder people and steal their money. But, make no mistake, it’s a cult. It has many illustrious members.

Artisan Bread in Five Minutes A Day: Learn it, live it, be it.  (Not their slogan, but it totally should be.) The book will show you how to make vast vat of bread dough, then leave it the hell alone until you feel like eating bread.  Below is the (slightly) sinister bread dough, lurking in its (plastic dollar-store) vat.  (I need to get a proper vat.)

Then, it explains how to rip off a chunk, leave it alone some more, bung it in the oven, and enjoy hot, delicious bread with staggeringly little effort. (Although, book says not to hack into your bread until it is cool. Bah!) How could you not want to eat THIS immediately?:

The other thing? This big vat of dough? Also makes fantastically good pizza crust. I have had fresh pizza at least once a week for two months. I’m not yet tired of it. And another thing? There is a recipe for brioche dough. Which you can use to make THESE:

Flip ’em over? They look like this:

I have been pondering the possibilities of that brioche dough. I wonder if you could use it to make a base for this cake-like thing?

Anyway more info and two very nice seeming people over here. It’s really easy. You should join the cult too.

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Baby Steps

My friend and former client is having a baby. This came as a surprise, as she is pretty much the consummate professional, and we’ve never talked love life, children, or any other really personal stuff. She just called me out of the blue for some advice on who I thought might cover for her while she is on maternity leave.


Anyway. I think she just decided it’s time. There is no man in her life (as far as I know.) I have not asked her where the sauce came from, and she has not volunteered. Which is fine, as it should be. She’s a fantastically modern woman. So what to do but knit her a fantastically modern baby blanket? As well as some booties that came from a 90-year-old lady.  But which look surprisingly modern.

Patterns: Bulky Baby Blankets and Christine’s Stay-On Baby Booties
Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick-n-Quick (blanket) and Sandnes Garn Sisu (booties)
Needles: US 10  (6mm) circs, and US 1 (2.5mm) bamboo dpns
Made for: Minna’s new baby. Hooray!

Highly recommend both patterns for last-minute shower gifts that look splendid. The booties were a special request–once she’d told me she was pregnant, pretty much the second thing out of her mouth was, “and you’ll be knitting me some booties.” Happy to oblige.

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